My goal is to update this blog at a rate of 3- 6 times per week.  Updates will not always be an analysis of a Bible chapter.  I anticipate posting a Bible chapter analysis 2-3 times per week.  The other day I asked myself how long will it take me to complete my analysis.  First I needed the total number of chapters in the Bible.  A quick Google search reveals 1,189 chapters.  The books of the Bible range from a low of 1 chapter (several books) to 150 chapters (Psalms).  So how long will it take?

At a rate of 2 chapters per week, I will finish in May 2026.  Hmmm, that’s pretty far into the future.  Who knows if there’ll even be blogs then!

At a rate of 3 chapters per week, I’ll finish much sooner, in July 2022.  Still pretty far into the future, but not as far.

It’s possible that for books with shorter chapters or less going on in each chapter, I’ll publish more per week.  I’m not really concerned that the timeline to finish may be too long.  If I try to finish it sooner, my deep reading of the Bible may turn into a simple skimming and that’s not my goal.  I’m just thankful I didn’t decide to analyze the Bible one verse at a time.  There are 31,000+ verses!  At a rate of 3 verses per week I would finish in 2215 C.E.!!!  I’d love to live to a healthy 200+ years old, but something tells me that won’t happen.  🙂

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