Job – Chapter 20: Zophar

Job Chapter 19 brought us Job replying to Bildad’s comments in Chapter 18 along with a praising of God.  Oh Job, how little you have learned.  Chapter 20 brings us back one of Job’s other friends, Zophar.  Does Zophar have anything of value to say?  After 19 chapters of Job do I really need to ask that question?  🙂

“My troubled thoughts prompt me to answer because I am greatly disturbed.  I hear a rebuke that dishonors me, and my understanding inspires me to reply.” – Job 20:2-3

The nerve of Zophar!  Zophar is referring to Job’s comments at the end of chapter 19 when Job strikes back at his friends for not understanding his pain and suffering.  Zophar claims to have understanding, but he doesn’t.  He’s not suffering the pain and suffering of Job.  Unless Zophar is about to offer some compassion, which we know he’s not, he just needs to shut up.

I won’t repeat them hear, but my study Bible claims that Zophar is proud of his good fortune (verses 4-11) and takes credit for his own goodness.  Wow!  In other words, the Bible is telling us that good people will experience health and prosperity while bad people will suffer.  Think about that for a second.  The message being sent is that any pain and suffering you experience in life is due to your own fault.  A drunk driver kills your loved one while driving down the road?  Your fault.  Someone robs you of everything you own?  Your fault.  Choke to death on a piece of steak?  Your fault.  It’s sections of the Bible like this that make me wish I had the power to get everyone to read the Bible from start to finish.  The Bible is the most successful Christian to Atheist conversion tool on the market today!

Zophar goes on for several verses saying that evil people may experience moments of good health and prosperity, but eventually they’ll suffer what they deserve.  What evil did Job commit?  He was the “greatest man in the east.”  If Job is suffering as a great man, then everyone else should be suffering just as much or more.  So much for God’s fairness.

“The heavens will expose his guilt; the earth will rise up against him.” – Job 20:27

Again, what is Job’s guilt?  The Bible tells us that all men are sinners, so the heavens should expose all of our guilt.  However, men are sinners BECAUSE of God.  The Bible tells us that God created us as sinners.  God allowed Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.  God allowed evil to enter this world.  God allowed man to become sinners.  Maybe the heavens should go straight after the source and expose God’s guilt!!!

A couple more similar verses and that’s the end of Job Chapter 20.  The theme of the chapter is that good people have good things happen to them and bad people have bad things happen to them.  If only that were true.  Unfortunately we see good people harmed in many ways and we see bad people escape punishment.  Look no further than the bank CEOs and hedge fund managers that gambled away the world’s economy starting in 2007.  How many were punished?  How many were sent to prison for their illegal activities?  I believe there was 1 minor banker sent to prison, but that’s it!  Job makes it very clear that if there is a God, He is definitely NOT a just God.

Coming Soon:  Job – Chapter 21:  Job

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