Job – Chapter 23: Job

Job Chapter 22 was a big world salad from Eliphaz telling Job that all he needs is more faith in God and God will rescue him from his pain and suffering.  If it were only that easy.  I guess every person on Earth suffering from terminal diseases doesn’t have enough faith in God.  If only one person had more faith in God, we could prove without a doubt that God steps in and saves people from deadly heath issues.  Chapter 23 brings us another response from Job.

“If only I knew where to find Him; if only I could go to his dwelling!” – Job 23:3

Job may not know where God is, but God definitely knows where Job is.  God supposedly hears all and if that is true, God hears Job, but refuses to answer.  Kind of a dick move there God.

“I would find out what He would answer me, and consider what He would say.” – Job 23:5

This is the crucial point in all of the book of Job.  Job does NOT know what he did wrong.  Job is simply asking God to explain and God refuses.  If Job only knew what he did wrong he could work to right those wrongs.

“My feet have closely followed His steps; I have kept to His way without turning aside.” – Job 23:11

Despite Job’s faith, God still chose to punish Job.  He didn’t punish a criminal or a non-believer which would make sense.  Instead He punished Job, a faithful follower of God.

“But He stands alone, and who can oppose Him?  He does whatever He pleases.” – Job 23:13

Yes, God does do what He pleases and Job has learned that the hard way.  What pleases God is not always good.  In Job, we see that doing evil pleases God.

“That is why I am terrified before Him; when I think of all of this, I fear Him.” – Job 23:15

Is this God’s plan?  Does God want his followers to fear Him?  Why?  Is God so insecure that He does evil to his followers to MAKE his followers obey Him?  Sounds like an evil God to me.

Thus concludes Chapter 23.  Job makes a number of excellent points, mainly that of not knowing why God punished him and not being terrified of God.  So much for that all-loving God.

Coming Soon:  Job – Chapter 24:  Job Continues

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