A Recap of Job

I started discussing the book of Job on December 12, 2014 with Chapter 1.  Job starts out with a conversation between God and Satan.  Satan challenges God to find a truly faithful man and God accepts this challenge.  The problem is that this really isn’t a challenge, but a trick by Satan that God falls for.  God then allows Satan to punish Job in unimaginable ways.  Job’s children, servants, and livestock are all killed.  In addition, God allows Satan to cover Job’s entire body in painful sores.

Throughout this process Job doesn’t leave God or claim that God doesn’t exist.  Instead, Job asks reasonable questions to God.  God refuses to answer.  Job is very willing to accept his punishment and make amends, but he can’t make amends if he doesn’t know what he did wrong!  Job’s three friends, Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar, along with another guy named Elihu, try to convince Job to have more faith in God.  It’s very clear Job has tremendous faith in God, but because he asked God questions, Job is to blame for everything.  Even though Job asked no questions of God prior to the punishment, Job is somehow at fault.

God eventually returns to the conversation but refuses to answer Job’s questions.  Instead, God yells at Job for having the nerve to ask a question of the Almighty.  God goes on to boast about how high and mighty he is and eventually Job gives in.  God then gives Job a new set of children in an attempt to get the reader to leave with the impression that Job lived happily ever after.  Sorry, I’m but not buying it.  You can’t just replace your dead children with new children.

This ends my discussion on Job as I prepare to head back into Genesis.

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