Dogma Debate with David Smalley

I’m a big into podcasts.  I LOVE listening to podcasts!  I listen to several Atheist podcasts, science podcasts, and political podcasts.  I previously posted a list of my favorite Atheists podcasts.

Favorite Atheist Podcasts

Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I can’t listen to every podcast out there.  I’m constantly fine tuning my listen to list and have removed a few and added a few to this list.  In the near future I’ll post an updated listening podcast list.

Despite a few changes in my listening list, the number 1 podcast is still Dogma Debate with David Smalley.

Dogma Debate

I thoroughly enjoy listening to David Smalley.  He always has several guests on each show, including a Christian or a religious individual of some kind.  He’s very respectful in his debates with believers and works extremely hard to develop a high quality show.  Many episodes have a science section (currently by Cara Santa Maria).

If I have one complaint, it’s that the episodes can run long.  The latest episode is exactly 5 hours in length!  That’s a long podcast.  However, I find that each episode flies by and I still thoroughly enjoy the long episodes.  So that complaint isn’t much of a complaint.

If you haven’t listened to David Smalley, please do so.  You’ll definitely learn something and I can’t image someone not enjoying listening to him.

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