Genesis Recap

I started this blog back in November 2014.  It’s taken 7 months, but I’ve finished analyzing all of Genesis and Job.  I just finished Genesis this last Wednesday.  Now it’s time to move on to Exodus, but before doing so, let me do a quick recap of Genesis.

Genesis starts out with the story of creation, but unbeknownst to most people, including most Christians, Genesis has TWO different creation stories!  That should immediately be a red flag for anyone reading the Bible.  In one of the stories, God creates Adam and Eve, but forbids them to eat the fruit from a certain tree.  They do and God punishes them.  God created them, knowing this would happen.  By doing so, God created evil in this world.

Moving on, God decides He made a mistake, and brings about a flood that kills everyone except for Noah and his family (about 8 people in total).  Those 8 people, through incest, repopulate the Earth.  God tells Noah no one will live past 120 years old.  Several people do, including Noah.  Broken promise by God.  How does a perfect God make mistakes?  How does a perfect God break promises?

Later we are introduced to Abraham and his son Isaac.  Abraham sees a vision of an angel telling him to kill his son.  Abraham sets out to do just that.  The only thing stopping Isaac’s murder by his father is an angel at the last minute telling him to stop.  What message does this send?  Do whatever God says, including killing your kids?  Disgusting.

As Genesis continues we learn about Jacob and Joseph.  The Jacob/Joseph story is quite disturbing as it pushes the message that God is always with you and will always protect you.  Reading the Bible, however, God only appears after the evil deeds are done and the people themselves have solved the problem.  Other than cause great evil, it’s hard to see what God actually did in Genesis.

That’s a very brief overview of Genesis.  Next up…the book of Exodus.

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