Introduction to Leviticus

At this point I’ve finished discussing three books of the Bible on this blog.  I started with Genesis, switched to Job, back to Genesis, and then just finished Exodus.  I’m moving through the Bible in what is considered chronological order, or as close to it as possible.  Next up is the book of Leviticus.

As you’ll see over the next couple of months, much of Leviticus is God speaking to Moses who then repeats God’s words to the Israelites.  God still keeps Himself hidden to all but Moses.  Leviticus picks up where Exodus ended.  The Israelites have left Egypt and are continuing on their path to the promised land God has said is theirs.  God is far from done issuing commands and making laws the Israelites must follow in order to receive His love.

Traditionally, and according to most study Bibles, the author of Leviticus was Moses.  That’s very convenient for the Moses, the only person to speak to God, to also be the book’s author.  Hmmm….something here is just a wee bit fishy!  🙂 Most scholars, however, accept that Leviticus was written over a long period of time by different, unknown authors.  As with Genesis and Exodus, tradition is wrong.  Moses is NOT the author.

My discussion of Leviticus on this blog will begin in two days.  I offer no guarantees.  Some of this may be exciting, some may be crazy, but much might be very boring.  In other words, not all that different from Exodus.  🙂

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