Job 9:7

Today’s crazy Bible verse comes from the book of Job and focuses on science.

“He speaks to the sun and it does not shine; he seals off the light of the stars.” – Job 9:7

The sun doesn’t shine?  Um…as the creator of all, you would think God knows that the sun does shine.  It produces energy in the core through a fusion process.  That light then leaves the surface of the sun and travels through space.  In fact, we see the planets and the moon because of sunlight reflected off their surfaces.  Other stars “shine” too, giving off light in a fusion process in the core.

The argument could be made that the authors of the Bible didn’t have the scientific understanding to understand stars.  That’s true.  Which then means the Bible is NOT the literal word of God.  And if it’s isn’t the literal word of God, what parts are we to believe?  If there was God who wrote His word in a book, one would think He’d get the science correct since He would have created the science in the first place.

7 thoughts on “Job 9:7

  1. As a “poised” atheist, I expected a little bit better argument than God should know the sun shines. Even if you ignore the context of the chapter (God is powerful enough to stop the sun from shinning) or the point of the entire book of Job (that God is just and loving even in the most extreme difficulties of life), I am saddened that you would stoop to an ad hominem attack simply to make your (ill conceived) point. This post, at very least, is not thought out, it does not engage the word (let alone verse, chapter, book, style), and it certainly provides no intellectual value. I think you can do better.


    1. God is loving when he maims and murders (Job)? Your God requires you to apologize away his evil. You worship a God you clearly know does wrong, otherwise you’d have no need to be an Bible apologetic.


      1. Nope. By better I mean your post was poorly thought out. I am only appealing to this post which does not address context, literary form, meaning, or style. You are free to believe, and write, whatever you want–I did not ask you to change. I’m only defending intelligent investigation from a “poised” atheist.


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