Leviticus – Chapter 7: The Guilt Offering

Thus far Leviticus has taught us much about morality, if by morality one means offering stuff to God following very detailed rules.  🙂  Leviticus 7 brings us the guilt offering.

“The guilt offering is to be slaughtered in the place where the burnt offering is slaughtered, and its blood is to be splashed against the sides of the altar.” – Leviticus 7:2

I’d feel guilty too if I slaughtered an animal and sprayed its blood all over just to satisfy God.

“If they offer it as an expression of thankfulness, then along with this thank offering they are to offer thick loaves made without yeast and with olive oil mixed in, thin loaves made without yeast and brushed with oil, and thick loaves of the finest flour well-kneaded and with oil mixed in.” – Leviticus 7:12

Being thankful isn’t enough.  One must offer loaves of bread without yeast!

“They are to bring one of each kind as an offering, a contribution to the Lord; it belongs to the priest who splashes the blood of the fellowship offering against the altar.” – Leviticus 7:14

Taketh from the poor and giveth to the rich.

“The meat of their fellowship offering of thanksgiving must be eaten on the day it is offered; they must leave none of it till morning.” – Leviticus 7:15

Leftovers are the work of Satan.

“If, however, their offering is the result of a vow or is a freewill offering, the sacrifice shall be eaten on the day they offer it, but anything left over may be eaten on the next day.” – Leviticus 7:16

Hold on a second.  Although it’s true that leftovers are the work of Satan, it’s only true if the offering is an expression of thanks.  Otherwise leftovers are a gift from God.  🙂

“If any meat of the fellowship offering is eaten on the third day, the one who offered it will not be accepted. It will not be reckoned to their credit, for it has become impure; the person who eats any of it will be held responsible.” – Leviticus 7:18

But don’t wait too long on those leftovers.  They become the work of Satan on the third day!

“But if anyone who is unclean eats any meat of the fellowship offering belonging to the Lord, they must be cut off from their people.” – Leviticus 7:20

Eat the wrong kind of meat, however, and you must be cast out from town.  This is God’s way of saying “I love you!”

“The fat of an animal found dead or torn by wild animals may be used for any other purpose, but you must not eat it. Anyone who eats the fat of an animal from which a food offering may be presented to the Lord must be cut off from their people.” – Leviticus 7:24-25

Fat is bad, but only if you eat it.  Use it for something else and it is good.  Eat the fat and you are outcast from your town.

“The priest shall burn the fat on the altar, but the breast belongs to Aaron and his sons.  You are to give the right thigh of your fellowship offerings to the priest as a contribution.” – Leviticus 7:31-32

Isn’t it funny how the priests are never wanting for food?  “God” tells everyone they must give food to the priests.  Yeah, right.

“These, then, are the regulations for the burnt offering, the grain offering, the sin offering, the guilt offering, the ordination offering and the fellowship offering, which the Lord gave Moses at Mount Sinai in the Desert of Sinai on the day he commanded the Israelites to bring their offerings to the Lord.” – Leviticus 7:37-38

In other words, Moses wants to make sure he’s well taken care of, so he devises laws that he claims came from God.  Those laws just happen to provide food to Moses and his top people.

That concludes Leviticus 7.  Many rules and regulations are different types of offerings.  Most are insane and crazy.  Some tell you how to eat leftovers.  Some kick you out of the town!  Others give the priests food.  None are based on good moral values.

Coming Soon:  Leviticus – Chapter 8:  The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons


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