Leviticus – Chapter 10: The Death of Nadab and Abihu

In Leviticus 9, the Bible tried to convince us a fire on an altar is God Himself.  Uh…less from convincing to say the least.  Chapter 10 brings us the death of two characters.

“Aaron’s sons Nadab and Abihu took their censers, put fire in them and added incense; and they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to his command.  So fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord.” – Leviticus 10:1-2

The two characters are not just any two characters.  They are Aaron’s sons.  The cause of their death?  God.  God was upset that they started an unauthorized fire.  To be clear, they weren’t committing arson.  They simply started a controlled fire as an offering to God, but did it incorrectly and God killed them.  Repeat.  They were worshipping the Lord through an offering, but God killed them.  That’s the love of God.

“Moses then said to Aaron, ‘This is what the Lord spoke of when he said: ‘Among those who approach me will be proved holy; in the sight of all the people I will be honored.’’” – Leviticus 10:3

God proved Himself holy by killing Aaron’s two sons.  Apparently God decided there was no other way to prove Himself holy.

“Then Moses said to Aaron and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar, ‘Do not let your hair become unkempt and do not tear your clothes, or you will die and the Lord will be angry with the whole community. But your relatives, all the Israelites, may mourn for those the Lord has destroyed by fire. Do not leave the entrance to the tent of meeting or you will die, because the Lord’s anointing oil is on you.’ So they did as Moses said.” – Leviticus 10:6-8”

More rules from God with the punishment of death.  Now one’s hair must always be kept neat.  You also can’t leave a meeting.  Doing either is worthy of death in God’s eyes.  More evidence of a ‘loving’ God.

“Then the Lord said to Aaron, ‘You and your sons are not to drink wine or other fermented drink whenever you go into the tent of meeting, or you will die.’” – Leviticus 10:8-9

Drinking wine results in death by God.

“When Moses inquired about the goat of the sin offering and found that it had been burned up, he was angry with Eleazar and Ithamar, Aaron’s remaining sons, and asked, “Why didn’t you eat the sin offering in the sanctuary area? It is most holy; it was given to you to take away the guilt of the community by making atonement for them before the Lord.’” – Leviticus 10:16-17

But father, we were full!  LOL!

That concludes Leviticus 10.  God passes down more insane rules.  No longer is the punishment expulsion from the town.  The punishment is now death!  Didn’t cut your hair in time?  Death to you!  Drank some wine?  Death to you!  Leave the tent because you are about to vomit?  Death to you!  How do Christians even think for one second God is loving?  The Bible clearly shows God is the exact opposite of loving.

Coming Soon:  Leviticus – Chapter 11:  Clean and Unclean Food

4 thoughts on “Leviticus – Chapter 10: The Death of Nadab and Abihu

  1. It’s also quite amusing how Aaron didn’t seem to care when his sons were killed. Maybe God is all-loving in Biblical terms because back then they had a VERY different definition of the word ‘love’!


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