Book Review – Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card

A few weeks ago I was browsing through the horror section of a local used book store.  Near the many Stephen King books I saw this book by Orson Scott Card.  Card is a very conservative Mormon who is very anti-gay.  I disagree with him on many, many social issues.  His books, however, I’ve enjoyed.  I’ve previously read many of the Ender’s Game series science fiction books and loved them.  I thought, hey, let’s buy Lost Boys for $1, it will be good.  NOPE!

Please don’t read this book.  Okay, go ahead, but I warned you.  The book has 528 pages and the back cover teases an interesting story of a family haunted by several other boys killed by some serial killer.  Okay, sounds interesting.  Very little develops in the first 420 so pages.  There’s a few odd/crazy characters introduced, but a majority of the book is a discussion of the family’s Mormon life.  In a way it was interesting to read how silly the Mormon religion is, but what a very misleading back cover.  The last 100 pages get a tad more exciting, but by that time I just wanted the damn book to end!  It gave me a smile when the dad and mom in the book even say that other religions are wrong!  LOL!  This coming from the religion that has golden tablets, a seer stone, and magic underwear, not to mention polygamy.  None of this was, of course, mentioned by Card.

Setting religion aside, this was a horrible book because it took so long to develop the story.  I won’t give it a 1 star, however, as I did manage to finish the book.  🙂  I give it a 2 out of 5 stars.


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