What is Your Favorite Christian Argument?

I’m asking everyone reading this a favor.  Respond by commenting on this post.  If you’re an open atheist or not open, but actively contributing to online groups, you’ve likely encountered a Christian who argues for the existence of God with some “proof”.  I’ve heard arguments that the eye ball is so complex that God must be real.  Sun rises are so beautiful God must be real.  We can’t have morals without God, so God must be real.

My questions is, what is your favorite?  You can define favorite however you wish.  You might define favorite as the best argument for the existence of God or you might define your favorite as the craziest argument for the existence of God.  It’s up to you.

Post your responses as comments and I hope to get several…or maybe just two…or maybe none!


38 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Christian Argument?

  1. Had an ex who claimed to be a “Warrior of God” and she would use proof of a good day of tips at work as a waitress as the proof of the divine, despite her hustling her butt off and being on her feet 10 – 12 hours a day. The prayer she would say every day going into work was the answer instead. But on the bad tip days she said nothing at all ….


  2. I think my favorite would have to be, “The Bible is all the proof you need, just open yourself up to it.” It is one of the most asinine explanations for faith I regularly encounter. I mean, one could make the same statement about comic books.


  3. Morality used as a “proof” of god, by inverting the premise…..

    “How could God be immoral if there are no moral absolutes? Why would you even care? If there is no moral absolutes, then you shouldn’t.”

    source of the above:

    So… the argument is “human morality proves god” (even though the biblical god, particularly in the OT commits and commands genocide, infanticide, rape, slavery, invasion, theft etc. & excludes from holy places, the descendants of people born out of wedlock and descendants of people with deformities for many generations etc.etc… )


  4. I do not have one. I seriously do not, because I can not fathom believing in god. I have been an Atheist basically all my life – though there was that little period upto age 12 when I went to a non indoctrinating catholic school – and the thought of believing in god is unimaginable for me. So I just can not understand why anyone else would. As such no argument they ever come up with makes any sence to me.
    All arguments are illogical and unreasonable. And I can not think of one that I find most unreasonable or most reasonable.


  5. My exact favorite (and least favorite) is the argument based on objective morality. It’s been popularized by William Lane Craig:

    1. If God doesn’t exist, objective moral values do not exist.
    2. Objective moral values exist.
    3. Therefore, God exists.

    From there, Christian asks if what Nazis did was wrong. If responding with “yes,” then a resounding “CHECKMATE ATHEIST” follows in short order.


    1. Dr. William Lane Craig is infamous for asking “Is atheism true?” Clearly he’s ignorant about the definition of “atheism,” which is the “absence of belief in deities”: http://www.define-atheism.com/

      How can that be true, or false, since it’s not a claim or a position? The answer is that the logic doesn’t follow and so Dr. William Lane Craig has made a serious mis-step in logic, and my recommendation to him is that he review the definition of atheism, and then attend a course that introduces the basic concepts of logic.


  6. I can’t really pin down one as a favorite. I can’t even pick out the dumbest. But the statement of “I don’t need proof” has got to be the most infuriating.


  7. My favorite is the “he’s real, but we can’t see him because he’s like….in another dimension”. So, this one is great because, you couldn’t perceive him, if you tried. It goes around any scientific effort to disprove him by saying he’s there, you just can’t ever see him. Perfect.


  8. The teleological argument, aka the argument from design. Favourite in the sense that is probably the most difficult to deal with. It’s essentially still a God of the Gaps argument, but it can be persuasive.


      1. Oh sure I agree with that. Not to mention that going from the teleological argument to Christianity is true is a massive leap. It is possible though that we may not ever find an explanation for why the natural laws are what they are. I’m fine living with the uncertainty, I can just understand why it’s persuasive for people.


      2. I used to fall in the gaps argument. Science filling in those gaps helped move me out of religion. We’lol always have gaps but they’ll change. Science will fill some and open up others only to later fill them.


      3. It’s funny, I never found those arguments particularly persuasive. I left Christianity because of history and anthropology. Different strokes I guess!


  9. I definitely think the one about sunsets proving God is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. The first time I saw someone use that argument I thought they must have been joking!


      1. I actually first saw it on a video after the 2014 Ken Ham vs Bill Nye debate, it was on a video titled ’22 questions to evolutionists from people who believe in a young earth’ or something like that. Speaking of which, all of the arguments in that video were rather stupid!


  10. A Jehova’s Witnesses once proved the existence of God to me like this:

    A person is either truthful or deceptive. It’s not “logical” to think that a person sometimes tells the truth and sometimes lies. It says in the Bible that the Bible was really written by a single author: God. So if the Bible contains one single true fact, then all the rest is true as well. The Bible mentions Hezekiah’s tunnel, which has been found by archeologists. Therefore all of it is true, and the Bible says God exists. Therefore God exists.

    Want to count the fallacies? I wonder what would happen if one false fact were found in the Bible.


    1. That one fact can’t be false because there’s one other fact that is truth so truth beats false and all that is false is true and all that is true is true so the Bible is true and since God wrote the Bible, God is true too. Phew! 🙂


  11. My favorite is The Transcendental Argument, aka “TAG”. I do not find it convincing, but it’s somehow kind of mesmerizing to me.


  12. If by “favorite” you mean “pisses me off the most,” it’s the Romans 1 concept of “I don’t need to give you proof. You already know that God exists. You’re just denying it.”

    If you mean “facepalm-worthy,” it has to be “but the Bible is the only book in the world that has no errors in it.”

    If you mean something that I actually give a [slight] semblance of credence to its the capabilities of the human mind. When I go running, for example, my brain is making millions of split-second calculations on exactly how I shift my weight, how much and in what direction I move every muscle in my legs and feet, and exactly where I place every step. It’s amazingly impressive, and it always gives me pause to think. Yet, impressive as it may be, it’s not supernatural.


  13. The best (or worst?) I heard was “What better proof of god’s existence you want? I’m here, standing before you!” It was from a crazed Evangelical and I told her that she’s here because her parents fornicated, and she got really pissed off at me…


  14. Arguments I hear a lot are,
    1) A fool says in his heart that there is no god.
    2) You’ll know when you are about to die or dead. And (of course) it will be too late to repent.
    I usually reply with:
    If even a fool knows that god isn’t real no need to bother.
    If the truth is to be eventually revealed, why not now? Or is your god laying a trap?


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