Comment from an Atheist

I typically share my blog posts on various Facebook and Google+ communities.  About a week ago an Atheist (as he described himself) responded to one of my posts on Leviticus saying that I need to stop writing my blog because it will only encourage Christians to kill innocent Atheists such as himself.  I realize there are some places in the world where being an outspoken Atheist can result in one’s death.  This is very sad, but in the United States, where this commenter lives, there is no danger Christians are going to kill Atheists.  Let me, however, ignore that aspect of things.  This individual wants me to stop writing because a Christian might read my words and then kill him.  Therefore I must stop writing? WTF?  If my words somehow incite someone to murder someone else, maybe the focus shouldn’t be on me?  Maybe, just maybe, we should focus the killing instead of the writing.  Killing is against the law.  Writing is not.  Last I looked words do not kill.

As I’ve said before, the biggest criticism I receive regarding my blog comes from Atheists.  This is the first person to argue my writing leads to killing Atheists, but I guess it’s not surprising given the other comments I receive.  The most common criticism is that I should not talk about the Bible because it’s not real.  I understand God doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean the Bible shouldn’t be discussed.  Given how Christians use it to push through laws in schools and government, it’s extremely important to discuss it.  If people are killing in the name of God, the worst thing we can do is stay quiet.  Staying quiet changes nothing.  Staying quiet only makes the situation worse.  If Atheists wish to achieve a fully secular world, we must speak.  We cannot remain quiet.


8 thoughts on “Comment from an Atheist

  1. You are correct, in my opinion. Exactly because so many people (and animals) suffer in the name of some religion or other, are willing to kill in the name of an imaginary deity, I think it is important to speak out. It’s the only way the voice of reason and logic can be heard in the world. Instead of bowing to censorship, religious or otherwise, we should boldly say why we oppose religious belief.

    If you are interested, I’ve written an article about my opinion on this subject some time ago:


  2. Well said!

    The bible is a piece of literature written by men under the influence of dear and a need to explaintmhe world around them. Its writings are from older myhtologies stolen and tweaked tomcreate a history older than thenreligion itself.

    People use the bible as an excuse to bully, confuse and control the populace wherever if it may be in the world.

    As a born atheist i enjoy your take on the biblical fiction and i hope in future to read your thoughts on other religious texts too ☺️


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