Review of Leviticus

I recently finished discussing the last chapter of Leviticus.  I started Leviticus on September 30 and finished it on November 30.  Two months for a full chapter?  Not too bad!  Let’s do a quick recap of Leviticus before moving on to the next chapter, Numbers.

The Israelites have been led out of Egypt by Moses and Leviticus begins with the rules that the Israelites must follow.  The rules come from God, but God doesn’t speak directly to the Israelites.  God speaks through Moses who passes the rules down to the Israelites.  As far as the Israelites know, Moses is making these rules up.  They have no evidence of God.

A few of the rules are good rules that every society should have.  Helping the poor and not taking advantage of each other are good rules that appear in Leviticus (although these really just refer to the year of Jubilee).  Other rules however, are not good.  Women being worth less than men is not a good rule.  Treating a person with damaged testicles with less respect is not a good rule.  Disobeying the petty rules and being kicked out of the town or put to death is not a good rule!

Leviticus is a great chapter to test on Christians.  Do they agree with these rules?  Do they follow these rules?  Most people find these rules ridiculous and to the credit of Christians, they don’t follow or agree with most of these rules.  However, too often the same Christians who argue those rules are not to be followed in today’s society condemn homosexuality and point to Leviticus 18:22.  It’s not okay to pick and choose which Bible verses to follow based on convenience or based on apologizing away the things you don’t agree with and keeping the things you do.

Leviticus basically taught us the importance of obeying God in everything He says.  It doesn’t matter how crazy or ridiculous the rule is, one must follow God or suffer horribly.

Next up is Numbers!  Can’t wait!  I really mean that!  I’ve had fun reading through the Bible and writing on each chapter at the same time.  Moving on to a new chapter is always interesting.


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