Introduction to Numbers

The book of Numbers is the fourth book in the Bible.  Biblically the author of Numbers is Moses, but every biblical historian with any worth will tell you Numbers is a collection from many authors, as are all of the first few books of the Bible.  Numbers starts with the Israelites at Mount Sinai ready to take ownership of the “Promised Land”.  Although we may find some rules from God, Numbers shifts away from the rules given in Leviticus to a story of the Israelites physically taking the “Promised Land”.  You can expect fighting, bloodshed, and death.  Many people will die, including many innocent people.  We have no evidence the people currently living in the “Promised Land” are doing anything wrong.  Their only crime is living in the land God decided to promise to the Israelites.  That’s it.

Numbers is longer than Leviticus with 36 chapters compared to 27 in Leviticus.  Leviticus took 2 months to complete so I expect to complete Numbers in a little under 3 months.  Hey, have to talk a bit about numbers given the title of the book is Numbers, right?  🙂  Okay, no more jokes.  You can look forward to my discussion on Numbers 1 this coming Monday.


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