Worst Atheist Argument?

A few weeks ago, on Sunday, November 15, 2015, I asked readers to share their favorite Christian argument for the existence of God.  I allowed you to define favorite and received several responses, both on my blog and through several Facebook and Google+ groups I’m a member of.  This week I wish to take a different approach.  I’m wondering what you consider to be the worst atheist argument you’ve heard of.  In other words, although you may or may not be an atheist, what atheist argument do you think is the worst or the weakest and why?

As an Atheist, I know there are many strong arguments but also many weak and ridiculous arguments.  It’s the latter I wish to gather today.


4 thoughts on “Worst Atheist Argument?

  1. Any Bible scripture which results in being told we’re taking it out of context. Everything in literature is taken out of context when cited, isn’t it?


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