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Yes, the title of today’s post means something.  Today is December 25th as you well know.  What does that mean?  Well, it means different things to different people.  Most Christians celebrate Christmas.  Some Atheists, if not all, celebrate the non-religious aspects of Christmas.  Some people celebrate nothing on this day but celebrate Hanukah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, etc, throughout the month.  It doesn’t matter what one celebrates today or this month as long as everyone is polite and respectful of others beliefs or lack thereof.  If someone says Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Seasons Greetings, be respectful and accept the statement as a friendly statement.  It is most certainly that.  On the other side of things, feel free to say what you wish as long as you are respectful of others.  I celebrate Christmas in the sense of presents, family, friends, etc., but we do nothing religious.  I, however, do not say Merry Christmas to others because I don’t know what they believe in or celebrate.  I usually say Happy Holidays.  If you want to say Merry Christmas, do so.  You have every right to say Merry Christmas to someone else and that someone else should be respectful back to you.

Back to the title of this post.  Fill in the blanks with something respectful this December and you’ll be fine.  Someone may get mad or argue, but as long as the statement is respectful, you are in the right and they are in the wrong if they argue.

So with that, Happy Holidays!!!

2 thoughts on “_______ _______

  1. Interesting! I didn’t know that the word Christmas still today is so full of religious connotations in some countries. OK. I know the literal meaning of the word, but at the same time we all use many literal metaphors symbolically today, for example this one: point of view

    In Sweden, where I live, we call this holiday JUL (in English Yule). And that word is of pagan origin.

    I know that Christian missionaries visited Swedish Vikings already in the ninth century to spread the message of Christ as God’s son, but our forefathers (the Vikings) refused to call their Yule holiday something else than Yule. So the noun Christmas never took root in my country.

    In school, during our English lessons, we were taught that God Jul is equivalent to Merry Christmas. Not a word of warning, from the teacher, that Christmas is still today full of Christian undertones.

    However, since I’m an atheist, i.e. neither a Christian nor a pagan, what is left to me to say? How about Happy winter solstice, an astronomical/scientific term? But that day was 22 December at 04.58. So it’s a bit late to use that greeting phrase today, 25 December.

    So what’s your advice to me? Am I at risk of offending atheists or non-Christians by wishing them a Merry Christmas? Am I promoting paganism by wishing people Happy Yule (God Jul)? Should I cling to Happy winter solstice from now on? Just wishing Happy holidays sounds, in my ears, too insipid.

    What’s your take on this?


    1. I’d say you can say whatever you like as long as it is polite. People say Merry Christmas long after Dec 25th, so I wouldn’t worry about a date. Come February it might be a bit weird though. 🙂


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