Book Review – Disproving Christianity

I discovered David G. McAfee on Twitter a few months ago and immediately enjoyed reading his tweets.  This led me to checking in to the books he’s written and reading those.  I recently finished reading Disproving Christianity.  Like his other books, it’s short, but filled with valuable content.  It’s written at an easy to read and follow level as well.  This is neither a good nor bad thing, just a statement of fact.  Sometimes I want a very in-depth, Dawkins or Hitchens level book, but at other times I want something quicker, yet just as good, to read.  McAfee’s books fit the latter.

In Disproving Christianity, McAfee points out many of the contradictions in the Bible.  One such example is the very different versions of creation presented in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.  He also goes into several verses in the Bible Christians don’t follow today, and for obvious reasons.  These are verses most Christians are not aware even exist in the Bible because they are never discussed in church or Bible studies.

If you’re new to Atheism, or questioning your faith, or new to reading the Bible, this is a fantastic book to get you started.  McAfee’s goal is not to turn you into an Atheist.  It’s to get you questioning and critically thinking.  He wants you to ask questions and demand answers and this book does just that.  Another great book by McAfee.  I give this book a very strong 5 out of 5 stars.


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