Beat the Parents Board Game

Have you ever played the ‘Beat the Parents’ board game?  Over the holidays while visiting family I had the opportunity to play this game for the first time with my nephew and niece.  The game itself is pretty straightforward.  The kids draw a parent card that has questions for parents on it.  For each question the parent (or adult) gets correct, they move forward one space.  The adult then draws a kid card that has easier questions for kids on it.  If the kids get the question right, they move forward a space.  The first team that moves the game pieces to the other side of the boa

Midway through the game I drew a kid card with the following question:  “Who were Adam and Eve?”  What the fuck, I thought.  The answer?  The first two people on Earth.  Um…I beg to differ!

Later I was speaking with a couple of other non-religious friends and here’s my official answer to this question.

“Well, the card says that Adam and Eve were the first two people on Earth.  They had two sons, Cain and Abel.  If Earth was populated from Adam and Eve, another female had to be born at some point.  How was this female born?  Well, Adam and Eve could have fucked each other until they bore a girl.  However, if this was the case, the only way to further populate the Earth is for this girl to fuck another male and produce a child.  Who is there on Earth for this girl, the daughter of Adam and Eve, to fuck?  There’s Adam, her father, and there’s Cain and Abel, her brothers.  The result?  Incest.  We are all a result of incest.  But let’s think about this some more.  Maybe Eve didn’t fuck Adam to produce a daughter.  Maybe she fucked one of her sons?  More incest.  And then that daughter, the result of incest, must have fucked her father or brothers, resulting in more incest.  Final conclusion?  God loves Him some incest.”

It’s amazing the conversation a single question on a kids board game can generate.  🙂


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