Christians at Pizza Hut

Let me start by saying unreasonable anger is not limited to Christians.  People of all religions and the non-religious all get angry at times, often for unjustifiable reasons.  It’s part of human nature.  What you read below is a sharing of what I witnessed a few Sundays ago.

Around noon on a Sunday a few friends and I went out for some food.  We were looking for something cheap and not necessarily fancy.  We chose Pizza Hut because they do a buffet.  Was it great?  No.  Was it the best pizza in the world?  Heck no!  But we knew what we were getting for $6.99 and we were fine with that.  We accepted the food wasn’t going to be 5 star meal based on what we were paying for it.

The Christian family next to us did not seem to understand that.  How do I know they were Christian?  They prayed before the meal.  They were dressed up in their Sunday church clothes.  In addition, a few in the party had crosses around their neck.  If not Christian, they were certainly religious.  And that’s all fine.  What wasn’t fine, however, was how they treated the Pizza Hut staff.  They complained about the service and they complained about the food.  For starters, Pizza Hut is staffed mainly by high school students or college students.  What do you expect?  They are working for minimum wage.  Second, pizza on a buffet tends to sit for a bit.  That’s the nature of a buffet.  If you wanted piping hot pizza fresh out of the oven, you should have ordered from the menu!  At one point they ran out of plates on the buffet table and the server told all of us that they would be out in a minute and she went back to get some.  That did not sit well with this Christian group.  They couldn’t believe how Pizza Hut could run out of clean plates.

I, and the others with me, found the reaction of the Christians funny.  They just left church, supposedly infused with the “love” of Jesus, and this is how they react?  They should ask themselves, what would Jesus do?  There’s two ways to look at this.  The first way is to listen to your pastor and learn all about the love of Jesus.  The second way is to actually read the Bible and realize Jesus required you to hate your family and at one point he overthrew tables in a fit of rage.  Looking at it the first way, the Pizza Hut eating Christians were jackasses and probably left no tip.  Looking at it the second way, the Christians weren’t angry enough!  They should have overthrown tables!  🙂

The best part of this whole experience was when one of my friends asked our server if everything was okay.  The server said:

“They came from Church after being filled with Jesus and now they are just trying to spread their Jesus to the rest of us.” – Pizza Hut server, said with a smirk.

Best response ever!!!


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