Luke 19:27

It’s crazy Bible verse Tuesday and today I bring you yet another verse showing Jesus is far from an all-loving character in the Bible.

“But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.” – Luke 19:27

So if one doesn’t want Jesus or God ruling over him/her, Jesus commands that person to be put to death.  This is Jesus/God were talking about.  There’s no other way to reach an agreement?  There’s nothing else to be done?  Jesus/God doesn’t care.  Disobey him or ask questions and the result is death.  There’s no room for free thinkers in the land of God (OT) and Jesus (NT).

The point of the last several weeks is to show there are many verses in the New Testament that clearly show Jesus is not all about love.  There’s plenty of hate and death in Him as well.  Ever had a Christian argue against the crazy in the OT by saying “Oh, that’s the OT, Jesus preaches love”?  No, Jesus preaches just as much hate and is filled with just as much crazy nonsense as the God of the OT.  Take an afternoon and read the gospels of the New Testament.  It’s all there in plain view.

5 thoughts on “Luke 19:27

    1. Hmmm….thanks for the link although I’m not convinced by the apologetic, Jesus is speaking in parables here, argument. If this was the only statement on killing from Jesus in the NT, then I’d be more skeptical, but given this is just one of many hateful comments from Jesus, it’s going to take much more than this to convince me. What are your thoughts?


  1. Where are the other “hateful comments from Jesus” in the New Testament, tell me please!

    The worst things to my knowledge that Jesus did, was chasing the merchants out of the temple and cursing a fig tree to die.

    Since the Jewish temple doesn’t exist anymore, no Christian can follow Jesus violent example and chase the merchants out of the temple.

    And cursing trees without fruit to make them die is a thing I tried many times but up to now without any success.

    Do you think other Cristians or more successful with this cursing tree thing than I?


    1. The fig thing is crazy enough, but in Luke 14:26 Jesus states you must hate your family, you are not worthy of following Jesus. In less strong words, you are supposed to give up your family to truly follow Jesus.


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