Book Review – Nailed by David Fitzgerald

For Christmas I received an Amazon Kindle gift card and one of the books I purchased with the card was Nailed by David Fitzgerald.  Fitzgerald is a well-known Atheist activist who has written a couple of books related to religion.  In my opinion this was a fantastic book!  Fitzgerald lays out 10 Christian myths regarding Jesus and debunks them using the evidence available.  This book is a relatively quick read but packed full of information.  Fitzgerald is not simply stating his opinion.  He backs it up with documented research.  If you haven’t read this book, please do so.  It will definitely make you question the existence of the Jesus character in the Bible.  After reading it I’m looking for other books on the topic I can read to further investigate.  Nailed earns 5 out of 5 stars from me!!!


One thought on “Book Review – Nailed by David Fitzgerald

  1. i have listened to an online lecture he gave on Nailed and a couple of interviews. he’s smart and witty, a little bit crass and rude, but you can’t deny the research. he, robert price and richard carrier are three big reasons i am no longer christian

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