A Recap of Numbers

In the last blog post I finished up the book of Numbers.  Numbers started with several chapters on the numbers of people in specific tribes.  Later we learned the names of the leaders of the tribes as well as more numbers through a census.  The book of Numbers was not, however, limited to chapters on numbers.  There was a great deal of bloodbath in which God commanded Moses and the Israelites to slaughters the non-Israelites they encountered.  What did these slaughtered tribes do to deserve this?  Nothing, other than being in the way of the Israelites travel path to the promised land.

That’s not the end.  In addition to numbers and slaughter, Numbers was filled with misogyny.  The married women (and whores as the Bible would call them) were slaughtered, but the virgins and children (both male and females) were raped and captured as slaves.  Not to be outdone by Himself, God orders that the Israelite women can only marry within their father’s tribe.  In other words the women are only allowed to marry their cousins, because this is apparently the only solution God can come up with regarding inheritances.

To put it simply, a typical Bible chapter.  🙂

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