An Introduction to Deuteronomy

Now that Numbers is finished it’s time to start discussing the book of Deuteronomy.  Let me begin with a short introduction to the book.

Moses is still with us, preaching to the Israelites and guiding them to the promised land.  The Israelites don’t quite make it to the promised land in Deuteronomy, but they’re close.  Moses, however, doesn’t make it and dies at the end of the chapter.  Yes, I know, spoiler alert not given, but you must know that Moses dies, right?

Who wrote Deuteronomy?  Traditionally Moses is credited with authoring Deuteronomy but this is clearly not true.  Moses certainly can’t write the story of his own death.  So who really wrote Deuteronomy?  We don’t know.  Basically it’s the same answer as many of the chapters of the Bible in which the author(s) is unknown.

What else can we expect in Deuteronomy?  I think it’s safe to assume we can expect death, ridiculous rules, misogyny, and some plain old craziness.  Tune in Wednesday for the first chapter of Deuteronomy.

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