A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short blog post on why or why not I capitalize “God”.  I received several comments and have thought about this for several days.  From this point forward I will capitalize “God” if it is referring to the god of the Bible.  However, I will not capitalize “he” or “him”, unless of course it is capitalized in a direct verse I am quoting from the Bible.  Capitalizing “God” links the words to the god of the Bible and not a random god of some other culture/religion.  The readers’ advice on capitalizing other words referring to God were excellent and I’ve re-thought my use of capitalization moving forward.  Thank you readers!

One thought on “Capitalization

  1. I think saying “the Christian god God” is useful. Makes it clear which god while using standard capitalisation of name. I also don’t think using gendered pronouns is accurate, the Christian god God created ‘them’ in her image. 🙂


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