Cognitive Dissonance Podcast

There are many Atheist related podcasts out there and only so much time in a day to listen to them.  It’s impossible to listen to everything but there are a few that stand out.  I’ve already mentioned No Religion Required and Dogma Debate as two must listen to podcasts.  Cognitive Dissonance is another podcast to add to this must listen to list.

Cognitive Dissonance is a podcast by two guys, Tom and Cecil, living in the Chicago area.  As the intro warning to the podcast states each week, this podcast is NOT for kids!  They toss around the f-bomb left and right and that’s probably some of the tamer language you’ll hear.  LOL!  I love this podcast.  I wouldn’t say it is any better or worse than other Atheist podcasts, just different, and that’s a good thing.

If you’re looking for another excellent Atheist podcast and are okay with R-rated language, then this is the podcast for you!


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