Thoughts and Prayers

We’ve all seen Facebook posts where someone posts a struggle they are going through and asks for prayers.  The comments are then filled with “praying for you” and “prayers” style comments.  Obviously these comments do nothing to actually help the struggling person, but if that person is very religious, I suppose those comments provide a bit of comfort knowing they have friends.

What I saw a few days ago, however, pissed me off to no end.  A Facebook friend of mine posted that her grandfather died and asked for thoughts to be sent to her grandmother who is struggling mightily with her loss.  The friend did NOT ask for prayers.  I don’t know that this friend is an Atheist, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  This friend is definitely someone who loves science and thinks skeptically.

Despite asking for thoughts, most of the comments offered “prayers”.  This is not what upset me.  What upset me was a specific comment from someone I don’t know that said:

“How about I send my prayers?  Prayers do far more than thoughts.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  What kind of asshole do you have to be to say that?  Offer your prayers, that’s fine, but don’t throw a religious jab at a person going through a tough time simply because they did not ask for prayers.  Fuck you!

The friend didn’t comment.  Obviously she’s a better person than me, because if that happened to me there would have been a Facebook throw-down.  Hopefully no one ever will.  I know prayers will be offered and that’s fine.  I know they don’t do anything, but someone offering their prayers is not harming me.  But if anyone every attacks my Atheism when I share a struggle, well, be prepared for me to fight back.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. I enjoyed your post, but if prayers are a waste of time and effort, based on evident, post-
    Enlightenment rationalism, I don;t see that as”fine.” WE don;t tolerate bigotry in other cases- why should we in the case of obvious religious nonsense?


  2. I really enjoy your posts. Is there someplace where I can read the past ones? I apologize in advance as this is probably easy for the tech savvy. Thanks

    Sent from my iPhone



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