Deuteronomy – Chapter 33: Moses Blesses the Tribes

In the last chapters we learned Moses is about to die so now it’s time for Moses to bless the people.

“Surely it is you who love the people; all the holy ones are in your hand.” – Deuteronomy 32:3

Sorry Moses, but God does not love the people.  No god who demands as much blood as this god love the people.

“He will drive out your enemies before you, saying, ‘Destroy them!’” – Deuteronomy 32:27

Well, I’m sure God will drive out the enemies, but God has an odd definition of who an enemy is.  To God, anyone he doesn’t like at that particular moment is an enemy, regardless of what that person has done or hold that person is.  A three month old baby can (and has been) the enemy in the eyes of God.

I’m keeping this short as there’s not much to say about this chapter.  Moses is blessing the people and praises God over and over.  Moses is trying to shed a good light on God, but anyone who reads the Bible prior to this knows that God is not a good being.  God wants death and destruction.  Not love.

Coming Soon:  Deuteronomy – Chapter 34:  The Death of Moses

6 thoughts on “Deuteronomy – Chapter 33: Moses Blesses the Tribes

  1. Ever notice that for some strange reason, Simeon doesn’t get mentioned at all in these blessings. All the other tribes are mentioned, but for some reason Simeon is left out. Did he do something to piss Moses off, or is this just another sign of multiple revisions and bad editing?

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    1. I disagree. Too many Christians argue the Bible is the breath of God and push this in society. Those “Bronze Age society standards” you say we shouldn’t judge are used today to discriminate against others.


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