Christian Response to Bullying

Not that long ago, while browsing through my Facebook feed, a parent had posted a story about their child being bullied at school, asking for advice on what to do.  Believe it or not, but there were several “I’ll pray for you” posts.  Huh?  The original poster didn’t ask for prayers.  S/he asked for advice!  One Christian offered the great ‘advice’ that it’s all part of God’s plan.  This poster took it further, saying that there will always be bullies and everyone just needs to figure out how to deal with bullies.  That’s you’re great advice?  Pray about it and just deal with it?  Well fuck you!  We’re just supposed to accept bullies because it’s part of God’s plan?  If being bullied is part of God’s plan, well, that god is a fucking asshole and deserves no worship from anyone.

It amazes me the responses people give on Facebook as it relates to religion.  The original poster was a better person than me as I would not have sat by quietly.  That poster would have gotten a Facebook beat down from me for their bullshit, it’s God’s way, response.  Fuck…that.

Sorry for the profanity.  But frankly, I’m still fuming after reading my Facebook feed.

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