Joshua – Chapter 8: Ai Destroyed

The book of Joshua is turning into a horrible book filled with death and destruction, all in the name of God.  In the last chapter we learned that God is okay with the killing of innocents, but if you touch his stuff, he gets crazy mad!  Let’s see what Chapter 8 has in store for us.  The chapter begins with God saying:

“You shall do to Ai and its king as you did to Jericho and its king, except that you may carry off their plunder and livestock for yourselves.” – Joshua 8:2

In other words, kill and rape the people already living in the land and then steal their stuff.  These are the morals the Bible teaches.

“When you have taken the city, set it on fire.” – Joshua 8:8

And if that’s not enough, the city is to be burned to the ground too!

“When Israel had finished killing all the men of Ai in the fields and in the wilderness where they had chased them, and when every one of them had been put to the sword, all the Israelites returned to Ai and killed those who were in it. Twelve thousand men and women fell that day—all the people of Ai. For Joshua did not draw back the hand that held out his javelin until he had destroyed all who lived in Ai.” – Joshua 8:24-26

In case it wasn’t clear before, EVERONE in Ai was killed, including babies and children.

“He impaled the body of the king of Ai on a pole and left it there until evening. At sunset, Joshua ordered them to take the body from the pole and throw it down at the entrance of the city gate. And they raised a large pile of rocks over it, which remains to this day.” – Joshua 8:29

Except the pile of rocks doesn’t remain to this day.

“There was not a word of all that Moses had commanded that Joshua did not read to the whole assembly of Israel, including the women and children, and the foreigners who lived among them.” – Joshua 8:35

That must have been an extremely long speech given all the rules, including the ones about raping your brother’s wife when he dies.  Okay, the word rape wasn’t used, but the woman has no choice, so yes, that’s rape.

Joshua 8 continues where the previous chapter left off.  Death, destruction, and by definition of God’s laws, rape.  Lovely.

Coming Soon:  Joshua – Chapter 9:  The Gibeonite Deception

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