Southern State Billboards

I was recently driving through the southern states of Georgia and Florida.  Since this was my first driving trip through this area, it was also my first time observing the incredible numbers of anti-abortion and pro-christian billboards lining the road.  WOW!  Some were infuriating, others were just plain funny.  Let’s start with one infuriating billboard.

“The baby heartbeat begins at Day 18.”

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.  First of all, it isn’t a baby at day 18 after conception.  Second, no, no, no, the heartbeat doesn’t begin at day 18.  The heart hasn’t even formed yet.  According to the Mayo Clinic, the heart doesn’t begin to form until week 5, let alone beat.  Then again, we can’t expect the Christian pro-lifers to tell the truth.

Now for the funny.

“Read the Bible.  It will scare you!”

ROFL!!!  I absolutely agree!  Of course, this Christian billboard was intending to mean that it will scare you into seeking Jesus.  Going through the book of Joshua, yeah, the Bible scares me, but not toward Jesus.  It continues to scare me further into reason, ration, logic, skepticism, and free thinking.

Then there was the zombie billboard.  Yes, this was a real Christian billboard.  I don’t remember the words, but it had pictures of zombies on it!!!  It was referring to the end of times and those not taken by Jesus will be left, apparently as zombies, on the Earth to rot.  ROFL!!!

It was rare to drive more than 1 mile without seeing a Christian billboard of some type.  How much money are these groups spending on this?  Whatever it is, that is less money they have to spend on actually helping people.  Of course, we all know that religion is not about helping others but about promoting yourself.


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