Joshua – Chapter 18: Division of the Rest of the Land

Apparently the Israelites stole so much land that it takes several chapters in the Bible to discuss the division of the lands to the various Israeli tribes.  Chapter 18 of Joshua continues with this division.

“After you have written descriptions of the seven parts of the land, bring them here to me and I will cast lots for you in the presence of the Lord our God.” – Joshua 18:6

Forget for a second the murder, rape, and slavery that took place to acquire these lands.  Isn’t there a better way to distribute the land to the Israelis?  I guess God forgot about this part.

“The Levites, however, do not get a portion among you, because the priestly service of the Lord is their inheritance.” – Joshua 18:7

Given there is most likely no god, the Levites get the raw end of the deal…again.

The rest of the chapter focuses on the allotment of lands to Benjamin.  Nothing of importance.  Let me end this post with a few thoughts.  The Bible is supposed to teach us morals and family values, yet it is filled with rape, murder, slavery, and abandonment among other horribleness.  Yet there are multiple chapters on how to distribute stolen lands.  A book of morals?  Hardly.

Coming Soon:  Joshua – Chapter 19:  Allotment for Simeon

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