Joshua – Chapter 19: Allotment for Simeon

Okay, the book of Joshua is really getting on my nerves.  There’s quite a bit of murder, rape, and slavery, but it’s really annoying to see how many chapters are devoted to allotting stolen lands to the Israelites.  Seriously?  There aren’t better things to discuss?!?!?  Actual family values?  Love?  Respect?  Nah, let’s keep writing about the distribution of the lands we stole from the people we raped, murdered, and put into slavery.

There’s honestly no verses worth mentioning from this chapter.  It discusses the allotment of lands to 7 different, including Joshua.  All as God commanded.  God loves everyone, expect for the people he rapes and murders.  The Bible is a HORRIBLE book!  Hopefully the next chapter will move on from this nonsense of distributing stolen lands.  I swear, I’m not slacking off, there is really NOTHING worth mentioning in this chapter.  Oh wait, there is one verse worth mentioning.

“And so they finished dividing the land.” – Joshua 19:51

Praise Jesus there is a supreme being!!!  ROFL!

Coming Soon:  Joshua – Chapter 20:  Cities of Refuge

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