Genesis 4:19

The Bible is full of family morals, right?  Well, yes, there are morals in the Bible, but they are not exactly family friendly, as defined by Christians, morals.  Consider Genesis 4:19, the focus of this week’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday.

“Lamech married two women, one named Adah and the other Zillah.” – Genesis 4:19

This is the first of many verses in the Bible referring to a man having multiple wives with God’s approval.  Christians really need to read their Bible before spouting off how important family values are in society.  The Bible approves of multiple wives and that’s fine if all parties are consenting.  Yet it’s hypocritical for Christians to denounce what they refer to as ‘traditional’ marriage, when the Bible makes it very clear that traditional marriage is not simply one man and one woman.

So the verse itself isn’t crazy, it’s the reaction of Christians when their ‘holy’ book contains these verses they conveniently forget that is crazy.


One thought on “Genesis 4:19

  1. I don’t really know if we consider Lemech’s second marriage “God approved” considering he is a descendant of Cain and all. I generally stick with Abraham who “married” his wife’s slave Hagar as the first God approved polygamist marriage in Genesis 16 (also god approved sexual slavery) considering that Hagar ran away from Abraham and Sarah after she was being mistreated only to have God find her and send her back.

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