Introduction to Judges

I finished going through the book of Joshua last week and the next book in chronological order in the Bible is Judges.  What can we expect from the book of Judges?  Joshua has died and unlike the previous books where there was a single leader leading the Israelites, the book of Judges focuses on several ‘judges’ leading the Israelites against the kings of the surrounding lands.  Sigh.  God says the Israelites will have peace, but he obviously lied.  We learned that in the last book and it is reinforced in this book.  Whether it is directly stated or not, it is safe to assume that God hardened the hearts of the kings of the surrounding lands, forcing them to attack the Israelites.  God does not want peace and will do whatever it takes to make sure chaos reigns.

As I get ready to begin a discussion of the books of Judges, I wish more people would read the Bible in its entirety and see exactly what God did to push his agenda.  The whole story of Moses and the Israelites seeking the promised land does not happen if God doesn’t harden the hearts of the Egyptians.  The Israelites would not have been treated poorly by the Egyptians had God not hardened their hearts.  The Egyptians are not to blame here.  God is.  God caused all of this death and destruction.  Yet a majority of people in the U.S. worship this god.  Why?  Most have never read the Bible aside from the few lovey-dovey verses their pastors pick and choose.

Okay, enough ranting.  Time to get on with Judges.  Tomorrow is Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday, so in two days, Wednesday, I’ll present to you my analysis of the first chapter of Judges.


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