John 3:16

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday!  Today’s crazy Bible verse is arguably the most cited verse in the Bible.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

That sounds nice, so why am I listing it as a crazy Bible verse?  If you dig deeper into this verse, it makes no sense whatsoever.  Let’s start with God.  God is supposedly the creator of all.  He supposedly knows all and is all-powerful.  God supposedly knows everything that will ever happen in the future.  That’s what Christianity tells us.  God supposedly has the power to come in and change this for good with the snap of his all-powerful finger.  Yet he sends himself down as a mortal man.  This shows his love?  Hardly.  Showing love would have meant not allowing evil to enter the world.  Yet God allowed evil to enter the world immediately.  God created evil.  You don’t get credit for fixing what you caused in the first place.

Let’s now look at the ‘Son’ part.  He gave his son?  Hardly.  First of all, his son is himself, so he hasn’t given anything.  Secondly, Jesus is supposedly on this world for what, 32 or 33 years?  The Bible only focuses on the last couple of years of Jesus’ life.  Does Jesus suffer some?  Sure, for a bit.  But this is God we are talking about!  There was no need for any of this.  Even if we account for the suffering, Jesus suffers for a year or two and then joins his father (one and the same) back in who knows where.  This is nothing compared to the suffering the people of the land have faced from God their entire lives!  This is nothing compared to the suffering a child with bone cancer faces.

Now let’s look at the ‘believe’ part.  This verse tells us that all we have to do is believe and we have eternal life?  What about good deeds?  This verse suggests you get eternal life for believing and nothing else.  Someone could murder and rape children for 80 years, but if they profess their love to Jesus one minute before death they get eternity in heaven.  Really?  Sorry, not buying it.  I’ll admit I don’t believe in any type of heaven.  When we are dead, we are dead.  That’s it.


John 3:16 is an example of a New Testament verse that everyone loves.  However, if you go beyond face value and critically think about what this verse means, it’s not a loving verse.  It simply shows that God is demanding more hoops and hurdles for you to get through in a life of suffering that he caused.  Remember that God created evil.  Says so very clearly in the Bible.

10 thoughts on “John 3:16

  1. There is a peculiar kind of cruelty in creating those who later require punishment. Is god able to see what will go wrong when he’s making things? If not, he’s not all-knowing.
    If he does know, then he’s a notable sadistic and cruel thing and should not be rewarded with praise.
    I suggest Christians go on prayer-strike until god’s behaviour improves.


  2. The God of the gaps is all they have or will ever have. There are likely to be gaps in our knowledge for a very, very long time, so: these fuckers will be spewing their nonsense for a while yet, I’m afraid.

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  3. A good follow up would be showingthe verses that show god created evil. While I’m interested i am not interested enough to read the whole bible.


  4. In addition, the idea that all you have to do is believe to get into heaven is contradicted in many places in the bible. Including passages that Jesus supposedly spoke himself, and actually gave different answers to different people on what the requirements were to get to heaven. Most specifically, the bible says that God CHOSE who would be saved before he ever created anyone, that he chose them for reasons of his own choosing, that he has to CALL or DRAW the person to him, no on can come to him UNLESS God calls them, and that for those God did not call, he will send them strong delusion so that they CANNOT believe, so he can then damn them to hell. Never heard a pastor put those verses all together…wonder why?


    1. There’s the argument that good deeds are needed too. I think most Christians like the idea of loving Jesus as the way to get to heaven because it means they don’t have to do anything to actually help those suffering in life.


      1. However, in the book of James it states that real faith in Jesus will produce real works as an affirmation of the faith. If you have real faith in God, your faith will compel you to do things for those struggling, or else you do not actually have faith. Faith without works is dead, and works without faith are dead.


  5. I recently watched a movie where a young woman was murdered. Her killer was caught and sentenced to life in prison. The Bible-thumping father yelled, “He’ll suffer worse than that. Now he’ll rot in Hell for all eternity.”
    I thought as you did. If he is truly sorry – and spending life in prison can make you truly sorry – all he has to do is admit his sin to God, ask for forgiveness, and go to Heaven.
    Crazy rules. Crazy rule-followers. 😦 😳

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