Robert Price – Dogma Debate Interview

If you haven’t listened to the Robert Price interview on the Dogma Debate episode, please do so.

Robert Price on Dogma Debate

If you’re unfamiliar with Robert Price, he is an Atheist who has done a ton of scholarly work in the field of the historicity of Jesus.  He argues against the existence of Jesus.  He’s very well respected in this field and has written several books.  I haven’t read any yet, but they are (or were) on my to-read list.

Price is also a political conservative, as are other Atheists.  After listening to his interview on Dogma Debate, I can honestly say I will never purchase nor read Price’s books.  Price takes the extreme, and when I say extreme, I mean VERY extreme few on so many political issues.  He even went as far as denying climate change.  He’s a Trump supporter and thinks Trump doesn’t go far enough on immigration issues.  Seriously?  Building a wall and deporting all illegal immigrants doesn’t go far enough?  Yikes!

Even more concerning is Price’s complete lack of analyzing the evidence.  When David Smalley, host of Dogma Debate, presented him with evidence, Price simply said he didn’t have time to analyze the evidence and went straight back to his extreme and in some cases very bigoted beliefs.  On climate change he said he doesn’t have time to go to grad school to become a climate scientist and therefore can’t take the evidence seriously.  What the fuck???

At one point Price intentionally hung up on Smalley and Smalley had to call him back.  WOW!  Don’t get me wrong, Price has a lot of respect in his scholarly work on the historicity of Jesus, but he lost that respect from me.  If this guy isn’t willing to look at evidence on the many issues discussed in the interview, how do I know or how can I expect him to analyze the evidence in his scholarly work?  If he’s cutting corners on all other evidence, how do I know he’s not cutting corners regarding his work on Jesus?  There are many, many excellent Atheist authors out there who carefully consider evidence placed before them that there’s no need for me to take the time and money to read Price.

To make myself clear.  I don’t care that Price is conservative.  I knew that prior to this interview.  I care about whether he analyzes evidence and from the Dogma Debate interview, it is obvious Price doesn’t care about evidence if it contradicts his preconceived notions.  I’ll even go as far as saying Price is doing the Atheist movement much harm.

If you haven’t, please listen to the podcast episode.  Be warned, though, that it is EXTREMELY frustrating.

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