Atheos Phone App

If you haven’t seen or heard of the new Atheos phone app, you MUST check it out.  It’s available in the Google Play store on your phone, and I assume there’s a version for iPhones.  The app was created by prominent Atheist Peter Boghossian and is a guide for how to talk to others about religion.  There are different levels (called caves in the app) in which you are presented with multiple choice questions testing you on how you would talk to someone on the topic of religion.  It starts out with relatively easy questions, but quickly progresses to more difficult questions.  Explanations are provided for each of the multiple choice options for all questions.  These explanations provide advice how why you shouldn’t respond in this way or why it’s beneficial to respond in a certain way.  Basically the app is a guide to help you improve when it comes to religious arguments.  I’m slowly working my way through and learning quite a bit.  There are also resource guides in the app and a place for you to communicate with others through comments.

There are many Atheists who distance themselves from Peter Boghossian regarding some social justice issues, but regardless of your feelings toward Boghossian as a person, you have to give him props for this well done app.  It is a fantastic resource that I highly recommend you check out.


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