Secular Yakking Podast

It’s Sunday, a day I don’t discuss Bible verses.  It tends to be a random subject post type of day.  I’ve done several podcast recommendations in the past, so here’s another.

Secular Yakking

The co-hosts (husband and wife I think) produce a weekly half hour podcast in which they discuss the latest news on religion.  They usually discuss a few really crazy and disturbing acts religious people have done in the recent past.  This podcast isn’t nearly as deep as a No Religion Required podcast or Dogma Debate podcast, but that’s okay.  Although I love the longer, deeper thinking podcasts, there are plenty of times where I want something quick that gets to the point of ridiculous religious stories and Secular Yakking does just that.

I encourage you to check it out if you love Atheist themed podcasts that are shorter in length.  Secular Yakking is a good one!


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