Recap of Judges

I’m finished discussing each chapter of Judges.  Phew!  Wow was that a HORRIBLE chapter.  The basic theme of Judges was that of judges leading the Israelites.  Whenever there is a judge, the Israelites experience good times.  When there isn’t a judge, the Israelites experience bad times.  Even when there are judges the Israelites do horrible things under the guidance of God.  Thousands and thousands of people were killed for unjustified reasons.  Women were raped and killed.  Thousands of women and children were killed.  Cities were burned to the ground.

Then there’s the story of Samson which is freaking ridiculous.  Samson forces a woman to marry him and later has her raped and killed under the authority of God.  Samson does some crazy shit with lions and foxes, including digging out a beehive in the carcass of a lion he tore apart.  Yes, that is a real story in the Bible!  And then Samson falls because his second wife cuts his hair.  Yes, somehow we are supposed to believe God gave Samson strength through his hair.

Unbelievable!  But you know how it goes.  God works in mysterious ways.  Or the mortal men writing the Bible hate women and were super high off some type of crazy ass weed!  You choose.  🙂

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