Atheist Republic

Last week on Sunday I shared with you my review of a book I read by Armin Navabi.  Navabi is the founder of the Atheist Republic online community.  If you’ve never visited the Atheist Republic online community, please do so.  It’s a great place to hear from other Atheists also looking for a community to meet like-minded individuals on the topic of religion (or non-religion).

Atheist Republic

At this site is a blog, forums to discuss with others, news, volunteer opportunities, and much more.  I live in an area in which I do not personally know many other open atheists.  I know a few, but am otherwise surrounded by Christians.  Most of them are good people, of course, but the constant push of religion is a drag at times.  Having online communities such as Atheist Republic to go to is a great way to keep one’s sanity in a society dominated by religion.

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