1 Samuel – Chapter 7: Samuel Subdues the Philistines at Mizpah

The killing continues in 1 Samuel although the last chapter contained d a great deal of anti-science.  Curing cancer by making gold casts out of tumors?  Are you kidding me?  The killing has to stop in 1 Samuel 7, right?

“So Samuel said to all the Israelites, ‘If you are returning to the Lord with all your hearts, then rid yourselves of the foreign gods and the Ashtoreths and commit yourselves to the Lord and serve him only, and he will deliver you out of the hand of the Philistines.’” – 1 Samuel 7:3

God is all-mighty and all-powerful, but must use threats to force the people into worshipping him.  Doesn’t sound like a good god to me.

“While Samuel was sacrificing the burnt offering, the Philistines drew near to engage Israel in battle. But that day the Lord thundered with loud thunder against the Philistines and threw them into such a panic that they were routed before the Israelites.” 1 Samuel 7:10

In other words, the Philistines are afraid of thunder.  Hardly evidence for a god.

“The men of Israel rushed out of Mizpah and pursued the Philistines, slaughtering them along the way to a point below Beth Kar.” – 1 Samuel 7:11

Ah there it is.  It took eleven verses, but there’s the killing we’ve come to expect in 1 Samuel.

“Samuel continued as Israel’s leader all the days of his life. From year to year he went on a circuit from Bethel to Gilgal to Mizpah, judging Israel in all those places. But he always went back to Ramah, where his home was, and there he also held court for Israel. And he built an altar there to the Lord.” – 1 Samuel 7:15-17

Looks like God’s pissiness toward the Israelites has worn off.  They are best buds again.

I started this discussion wondering if the killing would end in this chapter.  Nope, more killing.  We don’t know how many, but we know it was a ‘slaughtering’ as that is what the Bible tells us.  This is a god who rules by fear and threats of violence.  This is not a god worthy of worship from anyone.

Coming Soon:  1 Samuel – Chapter 8:  Israel Asks for a King

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