Atheists Voting for Trump??? Seriously???

It’s two days until the election in the U.S.  It’s hard to believe what has happened in this election, in particular the soap opera events we’ve seen from the Republicans, especially the Republican at the top of the ticket.  At this point, most Atheists I’ve come across are voting for Hillary Clinton and enthusiastically voting for Hillary Clinton.  Some, however, are voting Donald Trump.  Seriously?!?!  I have no idea how this is possible.  I can understand an Atheist voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.  I disagree with that vote, but I can understand it.  Hillary Clinton comes with some baggage, most of it over exaggerated by the media, but I can still see why some might hesitate to vote for her.  But to vote for Trump?  Come on!  Here’s a guy who brags about sexual assault and misogyny.  Here’s a guy who wants churches to have the power of supporting political candidates.  Here’s a guy who has very little nice to say about anyone who is not white, male, and Christian.  Here’s a guy who once questioned non-Christians remaining in the presence of Christians during a town hall rally.  Here’s a guy who’s policies literally boil down to him shouting ‘great’ and ‘tremendous’ and ‘huge’.

This is the guy you want as president?  I can’t believe it and I will never understand an Atheist voting for Trump.  Again, although I disagree, I can understand a vote NOT

2 thoughts on “Atheists Voting for Trump??? Seriously???

  1. I think this entire election comes down to whoever is the lesser of evils. Some people disagree on which of those is the lesser, though. I can see lots of people voting for Trump just because they think Hillary is worse, and that a vote for Stein or Johnson really isn’t going to do much.


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