Hope After Faith Podcast

Another great Atheist themed podcast you should listen to is the Hope After Faith podcast hosted by Bobby Cary and Jerry DeWitt.  Both Cary and DeWitt are former Christians who de-converted in the past several years.  Jerry DeWitt was a former pastor before de-converting.  Both are familiar to the podcast community.  Bobby Cary co-hosts the No Religion Required podcast and Jerry DeWitt has appeared as a guest on several Atheist podcast episodes.

In the last year they came together and started the Hope After Faith podcast which focuses on life after a de-conversion.  Depending on the circumstances of the de-conversion, it can be a very difficult process.  Leaving a church community can leave one feeling lonely without friends or others to talk to.  The Hope After Faith podcast discusses some of these issues and ways to help.

This is a fantastic podcast to listen to, in particular if you have recently de-converted from a religion.  Even if you’ve been an Atheist from the beginning with no religious upbringing, this podcast is helpful in getting a feel for how the formerly religious may feel after de-converting.  Check it out!

Hope After Faith Podcast


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