Book Review – Your God is Too Small

A few weeks ago I reviewed the book Why There is No God by Armin Navabi.  A week after that I wrote a short blog post about The Atheist Republic community sat up by Navabi and other Atheists.  I recently finished reading the book Your God is Too Small:  50 Essays on Life, Love & Liberty Without Religion written by The Citizens of the Atheist Republic.

The title explains it all.  It’s a collection of 50 essays posted on the blogs of the Atheist Republic in which each author discusses various aspects of religion and Atheism.  It’s a fantastic book that’s easy to read, yet has a ton of helpful information for the reader.  It’s a great resource to read about the thoughts of others and is especially helpful if you’re new to the Atheism community and/or questioning religion.

The best part is this book is free for Amazon Kindle!  You can get it here:

Your God is Too Small

You can’t argue about an excellent book that is free!  To conclude I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!  A MUST read!


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