Isaiah 45:7

God is all about love, right?  Wrong!  In today’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday I’ve pulled one verse that shows God is the one who created evil in the world.

“I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster, I, the Lord, do all these things.” – Isaiah 45:7

The Bible makes it very clear God created evil.  God created disasters.  God created hate.  God created painful death to good people.  God created bone cancer in children.  He does “all these things.”  That is simply crazy given the description of God by Christians.  They claim God is love.  No he’s not.  The Bible says the exact opposite!  God himself created all the horrible things on this planet.  Why would an all-loving god do that?  There are two possible reasons.  One, he’s not all-loving, or two, he’s not real.  I go with the latter.

I’ve also heard Christians apologize away this verse and/or use Jesus to try to get around it.  Sorry, Jesus doesn’t save (pun intended) you here.  Read Matthew 5:17.  Jesus is God according to Christians and this verse in Matthew clearly states that Jesus follows all of the old laws (Old Testament).  The idea of all-loving and just God?  ROFL!!!

4 thoughts on “Isaiah 45:7

  1. Bible students will tell you that the Hebrew for evil in that verse actually means calamity, not evil. Or they will try to say it’s only the potential for evil or calamity, brought about be allowing us free will and setting the natural world in motion with natural laws. I think both ideas fail, but that is generally how I used to answer the question when I was a christian/bible teacher


    1. I heard one similar to that recently. The guy said that God may cause the bad things that happen to us as punishment for our disobedience. “Evil,” however, (as a malevolent force) does not come from God; it can only come from Satan.

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