John 7:19

It’s Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday.  Last week I shared a verse from Luke in which Jesus made it clear that his followers are to follow the old law (Old Testament).  The old law, of course, includes all that stuff about keeping and beating slaves, raping women, killing babies and children, and overall being downright evil.  Here’s another verse from the New Testament in which Jesus reinforces this.

“Has not Moses given you the law? Yet not one of you keeps the law. Why are you trying to kill me?” – John 7:19

This is not someone saying or writing down what they think Jesus said.  I don’t believe a Jesus ever existed, but according to the Bible, these are the direct words of Jesus.  There is no misinterpretation as to who the Bible credits these words to.  So once again Jesus makes it clear that we are to follow the laws of Moses.  The laws of beating, raping, and killing others.  If this is what Jesus supports, he is NOT the loving character Christians believe in.  Then again, one has to actually read the Bible to learn this.

3 thoughts on “John 7:19

  1. An atheist doesn’t delve into Jesus or raise the question as to his ever living. Atheists don’t need to believe in God or follow a Holy man to be a good person. Further the only one that can reason with religious individuals is that same individual. Do not darken my page with holy war mongering. Don’t get obsessed with religion drop it and go about being good.


  2. It is completely possible that here Jesus mean the singular law against breaking the Sabbath, which is what he was accused of. He is actually telling them they do not need to keep the old law, as no one keeps it anyway, which he gives examples of directly following your quote.


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