Leviticus 25:44

The last couple of weeks of Crazy Bible Verse Tuesday focused on verses in which Jesus says in the New Testament that he supports and requires that everyone follow the laws of the Old Testament.  Let’s look at one of those Old Testament laws today.  I’ve discussed many already and there are hundreds, if not thousands to choose from.  Let me pick just one.

“Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.” – Leviticus 25:44

The Bible is a moral book?  The Christian god is a moral god?  Supporting slavery is moral?  This is one of the Old Testament laws Jesus says he supports.  Jesus is not nice.  Jesus is not kind.  Jesus is not love.  Jesus is just as evil as the God of the Old Testament.  In case you are thinking slave means something else in the Bible, the Bible also makes it clear you can beat your slaves to near death (Exodus 21:20).  Moral?  Hardly.  The Bible is a disgusting book.  God is a disgusting character.  Jesus is another disgusting character attempting to hide his evil as good.  If you need God/Jesus to be good, you are one of the scariest individuals on Earth.

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