Psalms – Chapter 17: A prayer of David.

After spending a few chapters in 1 Samuel, we are back to a few chapters in Psalms before then moving back to finish off 1 Samuel.  The book of Psalms is filled with much praising of God with the current focus on David being the character praising God.  What type of praise for God does David have in store for us today?

“Hear me, Lord, my plea is just; listen to my cry. Hear my prayer—it does not rise from deceitful lips.” – Psalms 17:1

Not from deceitful lips?  Hardly.  We learned in 1 Samuel of all the killing David does.  I guess killing does not equal deceitful in the Bible.

“Though you probe my heart, though you examine me at night and test me, you will find that I have planned no evil; my mouth has not transgressed.” – Psalms 17:3


“I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” – Psalms 17:6

This worked so well for Job.  Yes, God eventually gave Job a new family, but not after much physical pain.  And let us not forget Job’s original family was murdered by God!!!

“Rise up, Lord, confront them, bring them down; with your sword rescue me from the wicked.” – Psalms 17:13

Those people trying to attack David are quite likely just trying to avenge their friends and families David previously murdered.

“May what you have stored up for the wicked fill their bellies; may their children gorge themselves on it, and may there be leftovers for their little ones.” – Psalms 17:14

David is now asking God to punish the children for deeds they did not commit.  That’s a page straight from God’s punishment rule book!

David continues to praise God in Psalms 17, but is now asking God to directly intervene and punish those who attack him.  This comes after David has killed many innocent people, including women, children, and others who had no role in committing evil deeds.  David goes so far as to ask God to punish innocent children for simply being related to those coming after David.  Forget whether those coming after David are innocent or not.  The children ARE innocent, yet David demands their punishment at the hands of God.  Disgusting.

Coming Soon:  Psalms – Chapter 35:  Of David.


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