Psalms – Chapter 35: Of David.

In our last look into Psalms, Psalms 17, David prayed to God asking him to punish children.  Children!!!  Can David get any worse?  It’s amazing how much of David’s praise to God in Psalms is asking God to kill others for him.

“May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay.” – Psalms 35:4

The same could be said of the people whose lives you plotted against and then snuffed out of existence.

“Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation.” – Psalms 35:9

Shouldn’t rejoicing take place after GOOD things happen?  Instead David’s foreshadowing to rejoicing is based on God (or David) killing a bunch of people.

“My whole being will exclaim, ‘Who is like you, Lord? You rescue the poor from those too strong for them, the poor and needy from those who rob them.’” – Psalms 35:10

Since when???  Even Jesus says that there will always be poor and suffering among us (Mark 14:7, Matthew 26:11, John 12:8).  God never steps in and rescues the poor!

“When my prayers returned to me unanswered, I went about mourning as though for my friend or brother. I bowed my head in grief as though weeping for my mother.” – Psalms 35:13-14

Instead of constantly whining to God, how about you get up and do something for yourself?  Just a thought.

“Lord, you have seen this; do not be silent. Do not be far from me, Lord.” – Psalms 35:22

Being silent is God’s thing.  It’s his go to move!

“Vindicate me in your righteousness, Lord my God; do not let them gloat over me.” – Psalms 35:24

Gloating is a fact of life.  People gloat all the time.  It’s not the best move one should make, but it happens.  It shouldn’t be a punishable crime as David is suggesting in his prayer to God.

“My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long.” – Psalms 35:28

I have no doubt David will continue to do so.

That concludes Psalms 35.  David has gone from praising God and asking for God to punish others to simply being a whiny little man.  He still praises and he still demands punishments, but now he’s gone as far as wanting those who gloat to suffer horribly at God’s hands.  Ug.  David needs to grow up.  He’s acting like a 4 year old.  Then again, God also acts like a 4 year old so I suppose we shouldn’t expect too much from David.

Coming Soon:  Psalms – Chapter 54:  For the director of music. With stringed instruments. A maskil of David. When the Ziphites had gone to Saul and said, “Is not David hiding among us?”


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